CNC Screw Machining

Today's manufacturers generate sophisticated products which require precision parts. These components must bear the stamp of the highest quality and engineering competence. ElectroTech has developed such a reputation resulting from a well balanced use of precision machinery, skilled personnel and computer aided statistical process control.


We are utilizing state of the art Swiss type CNC machines like the CITIZEN L32 XII, the CITIZEN L7-20E IX and the CITIZEN C-16 VII for complex and demanding parts. Its versatility, speed and accuracy along with quick setups and changes make it a perfect fit for the type of work done at Electro-Tech. In addition, the 24/7 capability helps pull in lead times and increases production.

Our CNC Swiss Turning Center Consists of:

1 - 32 mm Citizen L32 XII
4 - 20 mm Citizen L5-20 VII
4 - 20 mm Citizen L7-20 VIII
1 - 20 mm Citizen L7-20E IX
1 - 20 mm Citizen L20 X
1 - 20 mm Citizen A20 VI
1 - 20 mm Citizen L20 XII
1 - 20 mm Citizen A20 VII
9 - 16 mm Citizen C16 VII
1 - 12 mm Citizen B12 VI
1 - 12 mm Star ECAS 12


citizen L32 xii
Citizen L32 XII

Citizen L7-20E IX

Citizen C-16 VII

Citizen B-12 VI


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