Extra Value We Provide

We are more than a supplier of parts, we serve as an extension of your business and provide value in other areas beyond manufacturing. Service is a differentiator in today's competitive world, but match that with percision parts and now you have a valued partner.

At ELECTRO-TECH, we're precise in everything we do. We value the relationships we have with our customers and offer services not many other companies would commit to. Some examples of these unique services are our:

Small Quantities = Quick Turnaround Program
The array of services we provide makes it possible for us to deliver smaller quantities without the long wait and the high cost per unit typically associated with short orders. While most companies source work (like: broaching, plating, heat treating, thread patching and assembly) to distant places, ELECTRO-TECH invests in technology, people and local relationships to reduce time and costs associated in manufacturing your parts.

Parts Inventory Management Program
Our long-standing customers benefit from our Parts Inventory Management Program, a program designed to work with our customers by determining periodic reorder quantities. Once we identify the need, ELECTRO-TECH will create, inventory and ship parts on an as needed basis. This program offers our customers piece of mind while reducing their need for higher in-hosue inventory levels and management responsibilities.

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